Furnishing for stands

Since 1998, Expodesign has been dealing with the world's most prominent exhibitions, spreading its ideas for stand design and growing the company professionally. For the most important exhibitions, we especially remember locations such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Busan, Istambul and Dubai.

The right image for your stand

For nearly two decades, Expodesign has been working to improve its technical and aesthetic standards to provide you with the right image for your business. Our fittings and stands for fairs and exhibitions will cover your aesthetic and logistic needs. We present projects at national and international level, offering turnkey solutions with collaborations from Italian and foreign technicians, always with an eye on cost.

Design and construction of 
your stand

Expodesign has always been the best technical expert in the field to create and implement products. We make your ideas come to life and offer you suggestions to let your business emerge and highlight it in a creative way, even offering the hire of ready-made projects.

Expodesign starts with the study of the exhibition map, checking the area where your stand will be located; then, we define a starting project that covers the space in a precise way, gradually enriching it with furnishings and graphics. Finally, we offer you a quote and proceed with the technical setup to allow you to represent your company at the fair in total tranquility.
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